Disaster Response Network

Pro Bono Disaster Mental Health and Behavioral Services

The Disaster Response Network (DRN) of the Mississippi Psychological Association is a group of psychologists who volunteer their time to provide pro bono disaster mental health and behavioral services in response to disasters, both man-made and natural.

Providing Support and Relief in Times of Crisis

In addition to being licensed psychologists in Mississippi, DRN members have additional training in disaster mental health and behavioral intervention services. DRN Volunteers work within existing disaster response agencies and organizations, especially with the American Red Cross, and seek to partner with other responder groups, but may also respond independently to disaster situations. DRN Volunteers use their professional judgment and training to help disaster survivors, emergency and recovery responders cope with the extremely stressful and often tragic circumstances associated with disasters.

DRN members help problem-solve, make appropriate referrals to community resources, advocate for workers’ and survivors’ needs, and provide helpful information. They also focus on providing general emotional and psycho-educational support, helping people to marshal their own resources and to maximize successful resiliency skills.

DRN Volunteers are not available for ongoing, more traditional mental health care but will make an effort to assist individuals in acquiring such treatment, when such seems required and as community resources are available.

Request DRN Volunteers

As part of disaster preparedness, or following disaster, agencies and organizations may request DRN volunteers by contacting the Mississippi Psychological Association, the Regional or State-Wide DRN Coordinators by emailing info@mpassoc.org.

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