Mississippi Psychologists Political Action Committee

As most of you know, MPA established a PAC several years ago. PAC’s have become an essential part of the political landscape, and political giving is an essential component in this process. We know that many of you may not fully understand the nature and purpose of the PAC, so we are writing you to explain why we have one, and who can contribute.

What is MP-PAC?

MP-PAC is the political action committee of the Mississippi Psychological Association. MP-PAC was created to assist with legislative and political issues affecting health care in Mississippi. MP-PAC was founded in 2002 to enable us to develop a stronger advocacy role for psychologists. MP-PAC is an independent organization. It is not affiliated with any political party, and participation in the MP-PAC is voluntary.

What are MP-PAC's Goals?

1. To promote equitable and responsible treatment for healthcare issues in our state.
2. To support candidates for public office who will work toward principles of quality health care supported by Mississippi psychologists.
3.To encourage active participation in the political process by our membership.
4. To provide members with a means for an organized and effective political action.
5. To strengthen the awareness of our political candidates of the role psychologists play in the development and delivery of healthcare services in our state.

Why Does MPA Need a Political Action Committee?

At the state and national level, healthcare issues have become a major legislative concern. Whether the issues involve Medicaid/Medicare funding, prescription privileges, graduate training in healthcare, or delivery of services, elected officials across the state are looking for ways to provide quality care, while at the same time containing costs.

It is critical that MP-PAC, as a voice for Mississippi psychologists, be able to provide knowledge and expertise to legislators on legislation that promises to affect our membership and affect the lives of countless others who may or may not have a viable voice in the healthcare debate. The primary purpose of MP-PAC is to provide MPA with an additional tool to complement our legislative advocacy effort. Similar to our sister organization, AAP (Association for the Advancement of Psychology), we recognize the political reality that the campaign process has created the necessity for supporting financially candidates who will positively affect healthcare issues that we support. MP-PAC allows our members to identify and contribute to those candidates in order to ensure quality healthcare for all Mississippians.

Who can contribute and where do my contributions go?

Anyone can contribute to our PAC, including members of MPA and members of the community at large. We encourage all levels of financial giving, both large and small. The contributions are placed in our account and are used for donations we make within the state. No portion of the PAC can be given to national candidates; all the money is used for candidates at the state level.

Donate to the Mississippi Psychological Association Political Action Committee

Mail Checks to: MP PAC P.O. Box 16544 Jackson, MS 39236

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