Mississippi Psychological Association Convention

Join Us For The 2024 Convention

The 2024 Annual Convention of the Mississippi Psychological Association will be held in Biloxi, MS from Wednesday, September 25 – Friday, September 27, 2024.


850 BAYVIEW AVENUE • BILOXI, MS 39530 • 888-946-2847

Group’s Code: MPAI24C

Deadline: September 3, 2024

Speaker Spotlights

Dr. Martin has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and years of experience in leadership both within the profession of psychology (e.g., CEO of The Trust; Los Angeles County Psychological Association and California Psychological Association President and Board member; APA Council of Representatives for Division 42); and outside of the profession (e.g., Chief Psychologist, East Mississippi State Hospital; Director of Human Resources for the MS Department of Mental Health; President of Soroptimist International of Long Beach, CA).  Additionally, she has provided keynote addresses and workshops throughout her career, including many on the topic of leadership.  At The Trust she established The Trust SPTA Leadership Development Academy Pilot Program.

Setting Sail for Your Successful Leadership Journey

As more opportunities arise for psychologists to step into leadership roles, there are also opportunities for psychologists to expand their skill sets to enhance their success as leaders. While psychologists are well equipped in understanding human behavior, motivation, and challenges, many psychologists underestimate their ability to lead and may be hesitant to take on leadership roles.  Learning more about the rewards of leadership, different styles of leadership, how to identify and harness one’s own leadership style, and how to navigate difficult situations and challenges leaders often face, are among the goals of this keynote address. Participants will be provided with key strategies to grow as an inclusive and collaborative leader through a review of current research, use of power point slides and examples, and through discussion during a Question-and-Answer period. Hopefully, psychologists will also be inspired to accept leadership positions!  

Learning Objectives:

1. List 4 types of leadership styles.

2. Name at least 3 core competencies of an inclusive leader.

3. Recite key traits and skills of effective leaders.

4. Describe the impact and value of the leadership of inclusion.

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