Who We Are

MPA is a dynamic and growing organization with a strong membership.  In 1994, MPA was recognized as the Outstanding State Association by Division 31 of the APA as one of the best-organized and committed state associations in the nation. This award recognizes the commitment of psychology, both in science and practice.  Active involvement by all is encouraged; and participation is one of the best methods to ensure the promotion of a positive image of psychology.

MPA Rewards

  • Collegial Networking
  • Continuing Education
  • E-mail List Serve
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Newsletter
  • Scientific Research Grants

Membership Involvement and Governance

There are numerous committees, task forces, and working groups through which our members conduct important work on behalf of psychology in Mississippi.  Please call a member of our Executive Council, or our Executive Director, Amy Wilson, if you wish to become involved in your Association.

The Executive Council governs the Mississippi Psychological Association. This council is comprised of ten elected members and two appointed ex officio members. The State is divided into four regions, each with representation on the Executive Council.

Executive Council 

MPA Bylaws 

Past Presidents 

Member Diversity

MPA members, associates and students vary across many employment settings and subfields within psychology.  MPA enjoys a rich mix of academicians and practitioners who represent all geographic areas within the state.  MPA strongly encourages student membership and participation.  MPA has developed a diversity plan, and with our diversity coordinator, strives to build as diverse a membership base as possible.

Mission Statement

MPA advances psychology as a science and as a profession by:

  • Supporting the academic community,
  • Providing psychological knowledge to the general public, and
  • Promoting psychological practice.

Membership Divisions

  • Health Service Provider/Clinical Members. Persons who reside in, are employed in, or have special concerns or interests in the State of Mississippi and apply in writing the MPA Executive Council for membership and (a) are Members or Fellows of the American Psychological Association or (b) possess qualifications equivalent to those required of Members or Fellows of the American Psychological Association and are duly elected.
  • Academic Member. Any member employed full-time in a university setting, in a teaching capacity, and who does not have a clinical practice.
  • Early Career Psychologist. Received initial licensure within the last 2 years
  • Exempt Members. Any member who has been a member of MPA for at least 10 years AND has reached the age of sixty-five and is no longer in active practice OR has been adjudged totally and permanently disabled OR has attained dues-exempt status with the American Psychological Association shall be exempt from further payment of dues upon providing documentation to the Financial Officer. Exempt members shall continue to receive benefits of full membership such as: receipt of the newsletter, voting privileges, and member rates for workshops. Only those members whose dues are current may nominate, vote or hold office, either elected or appointed.
  • Associates. Individuals who reside in or are employed in or have special concerns or interests in the State of Mississippi and (a) are Associates of the American Psychological Association or (b) possess at least a BA or BS degree with a major (or equivalent) in psychology granted by a recognized college or university and are presently employed in work which is primarily psychological in nature. (A year of such supervised work may be substituted for a college major).
  • Student Affiliates. Persons who, at the time of their election, are either graduate students in Psychology enrolled at a recognized college or university in Mississippi or undergraduate students majoring in Psychology at a recognized college or university in Mississippi. Interns, Residents, and Post-Docs also qualify for this student rate.

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